Modern India is surging with a new creative energy of emerging artists, entrepreneurs, and startups.

India is also the cradle of flavors– fruits, spices, nuts, teas, and coffees of all kinds find home here.

Imagined in India brings the two together – India’s raw creativity and its many flavors.

Each beer starts with a partnership with an emerging artist – someone who is breaking the mold and taking modern India to new frontiers. – and a two-letter brief to our brewers – Go Crazy!

“We brew it here. We drink it here. We sell what’s left.”

Our brewers bust their chops and bring out the crazy in them. They make the beers that they want to make (and drink). Brewed with unusual ingredients - many times local and seasonal - every tank of beer they make is unique and bursting with flavor.

And its only available to a select few – the lucky ones who happen to be at the right place at the right time.