Got yeast?

Some of you may have noticed some “floaties” in our beer, making it seen more cloudy than usual

While it’s absolutely natural to ask “Is this okay to consume?” or “Will this make me sick?”; we think it’s time to clear the bee…air. See what we did there?

These floaties are essentially Brewer’s Yeast

Sediments are good. Sediments are not scary. It’s a natural part of the brewing process.

Some of our beer variants are bottle conditioned, which means we add yeast and some other super secret ingredients in our brew to give you the best drinking experience! The beer sits in a keg, before bottling, during which time the yeast and protein particles often fall out of the solution and end up at the bottom creating a thin layer of white ‘snowflake-like’ particles. These floaties will not harm you, so feel free to enjoy that beer sediment.

However, if you don’t like the sediments, here’s something you can try – the layer of sediments is usually settled at bottom of your Bira 91.

Tilt and pour the entire bottle into a glass, leaving 1/2 inch of Bira 91 at the bottom, this will minimise the amount of sediments in your beer.

Fun Fact

Did you know brewer’s yeast is sold in drug stores? It’s a nutritional supplement and rich source of chromium, which helps your body maintain normal blood sugar levels. Damn straight!