Fortune India: Can Bira make it in the Big Apple?

India’s first bottled craft beer has impressed the desi drinker. It is now turning to the world’s craft beer capital for some extra fizz.

The Disruptor Foundation Fellows: Ankur Jain

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GQ India: The best new beers (on tap) in India

Begin light with refreshing lagers, perfect for Indian summers. Pay no heed to the prissy folk who say it’s all watered-down swill. There are some fine options out there like Bira 91 Blonde.

Telegraph India Graphiti: A Cooler Brew

Is Ankur Jain super-brave or just crazily foolhardy? He has leapt where angels might fear to tread, into the brutally competitive beer business. But the proof of the beverage is in the drinking and Jain’s Bira 91 has cornered 15 per cent of the premium beer segment — not bad for a 15-month-old infant start-up.

NIE Indulge

New Indian Express Indulge: For the Love of Hops

As the temperature rises, and so does the demand for craft beers in the country, one brand in particular is turning into an international star. Meet Ankur Jain, the man behind Bira 91.

Dev Patel with Ankur Jain - Indian Rest Spy

Indian Restaurant Spy: Bira 91, After Successful Outing at Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Film Fest, All Set to Enter Hyper-Competitive NYC Market

WHEN Ankur Jain, now synonymous with Bira 91, attended the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival, a Robert DeNiro-Jane Rosenthal enterprise, in New York City in 2002, little could he have imagined that he would go on to create a brew that would one day be the official beer partner of this landmark cultural event.

Livemint: How a new beer went viral offline

“There was no marketing, no campaign. We made it available in a few pubs such as Beer Café, Monkey Bar, Raasta, Pint Room and Barsoom. People tasted it, liked it and it has gone viral…”

Conde Nast Traveler: The Microbreweries Revolutionizing India's Beer Scene

Ankur Jain worked at a health care startup in New York City in 2002, the office for which was down the street from Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Brewery. “I got exposed to the brilliance of Garret Oliver’s many creations right at the brewery,” explains Jain. “My definition of what beer is—or could be—completely changed.”

DailyO: Can Bira 91 change the way Indians drink beer?

Jain started by slowly opening up the market, introducing Belgian beer brands that were known only to connoisseurs before, and then the entrepreneur in him took charge. If he could convert a segment of a market that was only exposed to run-of-the-mill commercial brands dominated by one label, why couldn’t he be the first Indian to produce a Belgian beer in his backyard. It was this dream that took him to the Trappist monastery where his day would start with meditation at 5am followed by a Spartan breakfast washed down with beer made in the abbey.

Dailymail UK: Fortune Cookie: This beer season just got hoppier

Not many beer entrepreneurs in the country can claim to have spent time at a sparse Trappist monastery in the French-speaking part of Belgium to understand what goes into making a good brew…Jain decided to move from dava (medicines) to daru (alcohol), introducing the Indian market to flavours of beer it has never been exposed to.

Business Standard: Come froth, India

The big difference in Bira 91 White comes when the libation first touches the tongue. It is sweeter and markedly more acerbic, or citrusy, than the normal beer. The bigger surprise is in the lack of bitterness that usually marks beer…Bira 91 Blonde is more conventional in taste. It is high in hops, so the aroma and the bitterness too are proportionally more noticeable. However, unlike others of its sort, I feel this beer has more body and is, therefore, more seductive.

So Delhi: Bira91 craft beer launches in India

#BeBira – Bira is the smart simian mascot, a idiosyncratic monkey which reflects everything that Bira 91 stands for – being estoric, eccentric, unconventional and unorthodox. He is the lynchpin of their services with a peerless insight into the tastes of beer connoisseurs! Beers brewed by him are an eclectic mix of exotic ingredients that epitomize the flavours of the traditional Bavarian farms, the mystical Himalayas and the gourmet tastes of France and Belgium. Bira’s style is aesthetic and thus his penchant for organic, handcrafted beers. A perfect blend of wit and warmth, Bira is an ingenious brewer and a promising friend!

Mans World India: Let's get crafty

Vikram Achanta, co-founder and CEO of, said, “Bira 91 is one of the most exciting products to hit the Indian market. The beer is an excellent brew, competing with the best in the world – something that would sit very well in a bar even in a New York, as much as it does in Mumbai. I feel that Bira 91 has the potential to be the first global brand with an Indian identity in the beer space.”

Hipcask: Bira 91 White & Blonde

Bira 91 White is a quintessential Belgian style Witbier. It has low bitterness but a lot of aromas, citrus and coriander being the prominent ones. These flavors are well integrated both on the nose and palate…Bira 91 Blonde, on the other hand, is a lager with distinctive bitterness. They’ve used hops grown in Himalayas for this one. It is a clear beer where the bitterness comes in right at the end. It is a very smooth and easy drinking beer.

The Luxury Chronicle: India – New handcrafted beer ‘imagined in India’ - Bira 91

An invitation to a beer tasting on a hot summer day is in itself a good thing. It turned out even better when I got to swig the fabulous new beer, Bira 91, being launched in India by Cerana Beverages. This here was good beer, notwithstanding the fact that I am partial to draught beer. I am not surprised that Bira 91 has already claimed the top position in the draught beer segment in Delhi.